Brett Sokolow quoted in the Chronicle of Higher Education’s “Opening New Front in Campus-Rape Debate, Brown Student Tells Education Dept. His Side”

Brett Sokolow, president of the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management—a consulting and law firm that advises colleges—says Mr. Kopin’s letter is a natural progression in the battle college men are waging against mounting accusations of sexual misconduct. “As victims are increasing the tools in their toolbox, and giving public statements on the street corner,” he says, “the defense has to get more sophisticated as well.”

This spring, says Mr. Sokolow, he has noticed a significant uptick in the number of men complaining that colleges have mishandled allegations of sexual misconduct against them. Since April, he says, at least 55 young men have asked him to represent them in disputes with their colleges or universities. So far, Mr. Sokolow has taken on 11 of those cases.

He believes that the rising number of complaints from men stems in part from increasing pressure on colleges to hold students responsible for sexual misconduct, and the mistaken belief among administrators that this means they should find more young men responsible. “All of this pressure from the White House and OCR has been communicated, and these university panels believe they are supposed to vote a certain way now,” says Mr. Sokolow. “Campuses are saying, We have to comply with Title IX, so we have to side with the victim.”

Click here to read the full article.

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