Huffington Post quotes Sokolow in “Students Demand University Of Kansas Stop Calling Rape ‘Nonconsensual Sex'”

“The principle is that ‘nonconsensual sex’ is an offensive term,” said Brett Sokolow, CEO of the National Center for Higher Education Risk Management. “I see that as minimizing or negating language, because there is no such thing — ‘sex’ is consensual by definition. When you refer to it as ‘nonconsensual sex,’ you diminish the behavior.”

Sokolow said colleges use the term “nonconsensual sex” in part because labels like “rape” or “sexual assault” may suggest extreme violence, which could lead administrators judging the cases to minimize assaults that occur under hazy circumstances. Sokolow’s group — a legal consultancy — recommends “non-consensual sexual intercourse” or “sexual misconduct.”
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