Business Insider quotes Sokolow on Good2Go app

Brett Sokolow, President and CEO of the NCHERM Group and a leading sexual assault consultant to top colleges around the country, is doubtful that the app will catch on amongst young people and worries that it could cause more harm than good. “I have concerns about the app, primarily that students seem to think it is absurd, and that the creators have not satisfied the concerns about fraudulent entries giving cover to rapists in court,” he told Business Insider via email.

Good2Go is not the only app out there that aims to prevent sexual violence. Sokolow went on to say that one app he likes to recommend is Circle of 6, a tool designed for college students that allows them to choose a circle of 6 close friends who can be notified at any time of the user’s location and situation when the user is feeling unsafe. The app is private and has a spin-off, Circle of 6 U, specifically designed for college students that allows them to include a hotline and emergency numbers specific to their student body.

With regard to Good2Go, Sokolow made little effort to hide his reservations. “It may have merit in fostering conversations around consent, but I think there are other ways to do that, too,” Sokolow said. “Students will determine on their own what has value to them, so I don’t advise them one way or the other on this.”

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