Sokolow featured in IHE on AAUP report on Title IX and Academic Freedom

In reaction to American Association of University Professor’s critique of Title IX as a threat to academic freedom, President, CEO, and Executive Director Brett Sokolow, J.D. weighs in on the association’s reframing of legislative overreach: [Sokolow]… was less complimentary of the report. He said that while there’s no doubt many colleges and universities are misinterpreting and misapplying Title IX, AAUP unfairly places too much blame on the federal civil rights office. For example, he said, the report accuses the office of mandating a new evidentiary standard that the vast majority of colleges and universities already were using. More than that, he said, the paper doesn’t address the major societal shift toward new expectations for speech and behavior related to sex and gender and a host of other topics. “Members of the campus community are becoming much more intolerant of minor to midlevel misconduct by faculty members,” Sokolow said, referencing recent cases at the University of California at Berkeley, for example, in which male employees accused of harassment had received some form of university punishment but were pressured to resign by students and colleagues who said the university hadn’t done enough. “There is a public sentiment rather than rules-based approach that this report doesn’t recognize,” Sokolow said. “Being that creepy guy has suddenly become not OK.”

For AAUP’s “History, Uses and Abuses of Title IX” Report:

For Inside Higher Ed’s coverage:

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